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فرورتیش پسر دیاکو

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Phraortes Son of Deioces was the second king of the Median Empire who reigned for 22 years. King of the Media and the founder of Median government. (Herodotus 675-653 BC) or (633-655 or 665 BC) ; Phraortes ascended the throne after his father Deioces as the second king of Media. He united several Median tribes under his kingdom. His realm extended to Rhagae, Isfahan, Azerbaijan to the north including Armenia, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Hamedan and East Anatolia. His spent his life fighting until he could eliminate the power of Cimmerians who were nomads of Southern Black sea region. Cimmerians later assisted him in fight against Assyrians.Phraortes first followed his father's policy against Assyrians and gave them tributes because his military was week. However he gradually added some regions to his realm such as Persis. He led his force to Lydia but was stopped in front of the river Halys due a sudden eclipse. Then he rebelled against Assyrians and he was killed in battle by Ashur Banipal He was succeeded by Khashtrita.

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