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Praetorian is an adjective derived from the ancient Roman office of praetor. It may refer to:

  • Praetorian Guard, a special force of skilled and celebrated troops serving as the personal guard of Roman Emperors
  • Praetorian legate, the title of a high military rank in the Roman Empire
  • Praetorian prefect, the title of a high office in the Roman Empire
  • Praetorian prefecture, the largest administrative division of the late Roman Empire, above the mid-level dioceses and the low-level provinces
    • Praetorian prefecture of Africa, division of the Eastern Roman Empire established after the reconquest of northwestern Africa from the Vandals
    • Praetorian prefecture of Gaul, included Gaul, Upper and Lower Germany, Roman Britain, Spain and Mauretania Tingitana in Africa
    • Praetorian prefecture of Illyricum, included, in its greatest expanse, Pannonia, Noricum, Crete and most of the Balkan peninsula except Thrace
    • Praetorian prefecture of Italy, included the Italian peninsula, the Western Balkans, the Danubian provinces and parts of North Africa
    • Praetorian prefecture of the East, included the larger part of the Eastern Roman Empire
  • Praetorian Palace, a 14th-century Venetian palace in the city of Koper, Slovenia
  • Praetorian Building, one of the first high-rise buildings to be constructed in Dallas, Texas
  • Praetorians Roma, an Italian rugby union team scheduled to begin play in the Magners League in 2010
  • Praetorians (video game), a 2003 real-time strategy computer game
  • Praetorians (album), a 2008 black metal album by Naer Mataron
  • Praetorian (novel), book by Simon Scarrow
  • Pax Praetoriana, refers to the relative stability of modern South Africa and its encouragement of democratic governments in other African states
  • The Praetorian, a conservative newspaper at the University of California, Riverside
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