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Primary may refer to:

  • 1 Arts and culture
  • 2 Mathematics
  • 3 Politics
  • 4 Science and mechanics
  • 5 Other
  • 6 See also
Arts and culture
  • Primary (film), 1960 documentary
  • Primary (band), from Australia
  • Primary (musician), a South Korean musician
  • "Primary" (song), by The Cure
  • Primary Music, Israeli record label
  • "Primary", a song by Spoon from the album Telephono
  • Primaries or primary beams, in E. E. Smith''s science-fiction series Lensman
  • Prime power, positive integer power of a prime number
  • Primary decomposition, a decomposition into primary ideals
  • p-group, a group of prime power order
  • Primary ideals, a concept in commutative algebra
  • Primary election, an election by which a political party selects and nominates a candidate
  • Primary vote, the first vote total in the Electoral system of Australia
Science and mechanics
  • Primary (astronomy), the larger of two co-orbiting bodies
  • Primary mirror, principal light-gathering surface of a reflecting telescope
  • Primary circuit, electrical circuit in a transformer that receives current, as opposed to secondary circuit
  • Primary field, a type of field in conformal field theory
  • Power line, electric power transmission line fed to or from a transformer
  • Primary, the oldest period in the Geologic time scale (obsolete)
  • Primaries, remiges (wing feathers) in birds
  • The first stage in a thermonuclear explosive, may also be used alone in a lower-yield nuclear explosive, see nuclear weapon design
  • Primary (LDS Church), children''s Sunday School organization
  • Primary education, the first stage of compulsory education
  • Primary Flight Training, in the U.S. Navy
  • Primary FRCA, academic examination for anaesthetists in the U.K.
  • Primary school, a school providing primary education
  • Primary source, original materials

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