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Qods Definition

Also called first of the Two Qiblas, as it was the direction that Muslims used to turn to in their prayers until 624 AD. (Wikipedia) - Qods

Qods may refer to:

  • Jerusalem, the largest city in Palestine, sometimes known as Qods from Al-Quds, the Arabic name
  • Qods, Khuzestan, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Qods, Markazi, a village in Markazi Province, Iran
  • Qods, Semnan, a village in Semnan Province, Iran
  • Qods, Iran, a city in Tehran Province, Iran
  • Shahrak-e Gharb, a suburb of Tehran, Iran, known as Qods or Shahrak-e Qods (little city of Qods)
  • Nishan-e-Aqdas, (Very Sacred Order of the Aqdas), Iranian honor 1870-1925
  • Qods League, Iranian football (soccer) league

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