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Queen is a term for a female monarch. It may refer to the following:

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In government and monarchy
  • Queen regnant, a female monarch of equivalent status to a king
  • Either of the two currently living queens regnant:
    • Elizabeth II (born 1926), Queen regnant of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms
    • Margrethe II of Denmark (born 1940), Queen regnant of the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Queen consort, the wife of a reigning king
  • Queen dowager, a former queen consort whose husband has died
  • Queen mother, either a queen dowager, or a queen regnant who has abdicated, whose son or daughter has become the monarch
  • Queen (band), an English rock band
    • Queen (Queen album), the band''s debut album
  • Queen (Kaya album), 2011
  • Queen Records, a former subsidiary record label of King Records
  • Ivy Queen (born 1972), Puerto Rican recording artist
  • Le Queen, a French night club, located at 102 avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris
In arts and literature
  • Queen (Snow White), a character in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Red Queen (Through the Looking-Glass), a character in Through the Looking Glass
  • Queen of Hearts (Alice''s Adventures in Wonderland), a character in Alice''s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Queen (magazine), a British women''s magazine
  • Queen: The Story of an American Family, a book by Alex Haley
    • Alex Haley''s Queen, a 1993 TV mini-series based on Haley''s book
  • Queen (film), a 2014 Bollywood film
  • Ellery Queen, both a fictional character and a pseudonym used by two American cousins
  • Oliver Queen, secret identity of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow
In zoology
  • A reproductive female caste in a eusocial species; for example:
    • Queen ant
    • Queen bee
    • Queen naked mole-rat
  • Queen (butterfly), a species of butterfly native to the Americas
  • Queen is a common term for a female domestic cat
In religion and folklore
  • May Queen, the goddess of spring or a young girl chosen to personify her as part of a springtime celebration
  • Queen of Heaven, a title of Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Queen of heaven (antiquity), a title given to a number of ancient goddesses
  • Queen Mab, a fairy in the play Romeo and Juliet
  • Queen Maya (mother of Buddha) (died 563 BC), mother of Gautama Buddha
In games
  • Queen (chess), a chess piece; also used as a verb to describe the changing of a pawn into a queen when it reaches the eighth rank
  • Queen (playing card), a card or cards in a deck of playing cards or tarot cards
  • Queen (Canadian automobile), built from 1901 to 1903
  • Queen (English automobile), built from 1904 to 1905
  • Queen (American automobile), built from 1904 to 1907
  • Queen (slang), a slang term for a gay man
  • Queen bed, a size of bed
  • Queen (TTC), a subway station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Queen (ship)
  • Queen (East Indiaman)
  • Queen, New Mexico
  • Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North, or QUEEN, a climate research project in the Arctic

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