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Rib or RIB may mean:

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In anatomy
  • Rib, a bone attached to the spine, in vertebrate animals
  • Ribs (food), the cooked meat and rib bones of a food animal
  • Rib or costa, the leading edge of an insect wing (See glossary of Lepidopteran terms)
In construction
  • Rib (aircraft), a portion of an aircraft wing
  • Rib, a member attached to the keel in boat building
  • Rib, any slender molded masonry arch projecting from a surface, particularly as part of an architectural vault
    • Rib vault, a type of architectural vault in which the ribs are built first
  • Rib (professional wrestling), a practical joke
  • The sides of a violin or a guitar
  • The sides of a tunnel
  • A stitch pattern in knitting
  • A tool used for shaping or smoothing pottery
  • A type of fabric with closely woven yarn.
  • RIB, Rigid-hulled inflatable boat
  • RIB, RenderMan Interface Bytestream
  • Romanian International Bank
  • Routing Information Base
  • Roman Inscriptions of Britain, an archaeological reference book
  • Retirement Insurance Benefits, old age insurance provided by the United States Social Security Administration
  • Ryukyu Islands Boy Scouts
  • Renault Industrie Belgique S.A. / Renault Industrie België N.V., a Belgian plant of the Renault concern
  • RIB, Remote Insight Board, an add-on computer server interface supporting Compaq''s forerunner of Hewlett-Packard Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) remote system management protocols.
  • R.I.B. (album)
  • Razed in Black, an industrial music group
  • Reign in Blood, an album by thrash metal band, Slayer
  • "Ribs" a song by Lorde from her album Pure Heroine (2013)
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