Road signs in Iran

نشان‌های راهنمایی و رانندگی در ایران

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Road signs in Iran Definition

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Roads and Expressways . Cities or Temporary Signs such as Detours and Construction sites

  • 1 Priority
  • 2 Traffic regulation
  • 3 Warning signs
  • 4 Guidance signs

  • Stop

Traffic regulation
  • Freeway Marker

  • Expressway Marker

  • Road Marker

  • Street Marker

  • Avenue and Boulevard Marker

  • Roundabout

Warning signs
  • Warning for Bends

Guidance signs
  • Road sign of the junction of Road 65 and Freeway 7

  • built-up Area

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Traffic signs Signs By country Lights Typefaces Conventions
  • Warning sign
  • Regulatory sign
  • Prohibitory traffic sign
  • Mandatory sign
  • Special regulation sign
  • Stop sign
  • Yield sign
  • Crossbuck
  • Dead End sign
  • One-way traffic
  • Speed limit (by country)
  • Advisory speed limit
  • Information sign
  • Direction, position, or indication sign
  • Variable-message sign
  • Bilingual sign
  • Driver location signs
  • Logo sign
  • Priority to the right
  • Comparison of European road signs
  • Comparison of MUTCD-Influenced Traffic Signs
  • Traffic light
  • Traffic-light signalling and operation
  • Traffic light control and coordination
  • Alfabeto Normale (IT)
  • Austria (AT)
  • Caractères (FR)
  • Clearview (US/CA)
  • DIN 1451 (DE)
  • Drogowskaz (PL)
  • FHWA fonts (global)
  • Frutiger (Europe)
  • Hangil (KR)
  • Motorway (Europe)
  • NPS Rawlinson Roadway (US)
  • Panno (KR)
  • SNV (CH)
  • Tern (AT/SK)
  • Trafikkalfabetet (NO)
  • Transport (UK)
  • Tratex (SE)
  • Geneva Convention on Road Traffic
  • Vienna Convention on Road Traffic
  • Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (US)
  • Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (UK)
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Road signs in Asia Sovereign states States with limited recognition Dependencies and other territories

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