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Romanus (Latin for "Roman"), hellenized as Romanos (Greek: Ῥωμανός) was a Roman cognomen and can refer to:

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  • Aquila Romanus, Latin grammarian
  • Romanus (comes), a comes Africae, rebelled against by Firmus (4th-century usurper)
  • Pope John XIX, whose given name was Romanus
  • Pope Romanus
  • Romanus (bishop), second Bishop of Rochester
  • Romanus (exarch), Exarch of Ravenna
  • Giles of Rome, Aegidius Romanus, medieval philosopher
  • The hypothetical Pope Peter II, referred to as "Petrus Romanus" in the Prophecy of the Popes
  • Romanus of Caesarea, Martyr (c. 303), feast day November 18
  • Romanus of Condat, Abbot, Hermit (c. 460), feast day February 28
  • Romanus of Subiaco, Monk, (c. 550), feast day May 22
  • Romanus Ostiarius, feast day August 9
  • Romanos the Melodist, (c. 556), feast day October 1
  • Romanus of Blaye, feast day November 24
  • Romanus of Rouen, Bishop, (c. 640), feast day October 23
Byzantine emperors
  • Romanos I Lekapenos, ruled 920–944
  • Romanos II, ruled 959–963
  • Romanos III Argyros, ruled 1028–1034
  • Romanos IV Diogenes, ruled 1068–1071
  • Romanos, Aragon, a municipality in Aragon, Spain
  • Romanos, Ioannina, a village in the municipal unit of Lakka Souliou, Greece
  • Romanos, Messenia, a village in Messenia, Greece

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