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Updated:Monday 7th September 2009

Roodkhan Definition

Roodkhan is the short form of Roodkhaneh meaning river in Gilaki dialect of Iran.Roodkhan Castle or Ghaleh Roodkhan is a Sassanid era military complex located 25 km Southwest of Fouman, nicely built at the two peaks of a mountain at elevations of 715 and 670 meters.It was primarily used as a base for Marzban forces (border patrol) to launch surprise attacks on possible invading armies. It was also a fortified city where people escaped to in such case as Turkic bandit attacks. Ghaleh Roodkhan was once renovated in Seljuk era but the main fortification of the old castle took place around 1513, during the Safavid Dynasty.After passing a mountainous winding road suitable for horseback riding, through marvelous natural beauties of green Gilan, a surprisingly large gate greets the visitors. The splendid medieval castle with strong walls approximately 1550 meters wide dazzles the eyes with 65 towers built on 2.6 acres of land. Ghaleh Roodkhan can be separated into west and east sections with many rooms, a fountain in the middle, Persian Hamam, barracks, stable, secondary gate, and most important of all, an inner tower which was designed to be used as the last resort just in case. According to the Roodkhan Castle legend, it was never conquered by the enemy. At some time, the Roodkhan Castle was the base for Hasan Sabbah followers and during Reza Shah's reign, it was a base for Mirza Kouchak Khan fighting against British and Russian invaders.The historical castle is currently undergoing a renovation process so that it can meet the eye of thousands of tourists that arrive daily to see this unique treasure of Iranian cultural heritage.

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