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Rugby Definition

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Rugby may refer to:

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Sports Rugby codes
  • Rugby football in various forms:
    • Beach rugby
    • Rugby league, 13 players per side
      • Masters Rugby League
      • Mini footy
      • Mod league
      • Rugby league nines
      • Rugby league sevens
      • Tag Rugby
      • Touch Football, 6 players
      • Wheelchair rugby league
    • Rugby union, 15 players per side
      • American flag rugby
      • Mini rugby
      • Rugby sevens, 7 players per side
      • Tag Rugby, 10 players
      • Touch rugby, 10 players
      • Rugby tens
      • Snow rugby
  • Rugby Lions, a rugby union club based in Rugby, Warwickshire
  • Rugby Fives, a handball game, similar to squash, played in an enclosed court
  • Underwater rugby, an underwater sport played in a swimming pool
Places England
  • Rugby, Warwickshire, a town
    • Rugby (borough)
    • Rugby (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Rugby Radio Station, a former very low frequency radio transmission facility
    • Rugby railway station
    • Rugby School
Other places

United States
  • Rugby, Indiana
  • Rugby, North Dakota
    • Rugby (Amtrak station), North Dakota
  • Rugby, Virginia
  • Rugby, Tennessee
  • Rugby Junction, Wisconsin
Other uses
  • Rugby (automobile), made by Durant Motors
  • Rugby Ralph Lauren, a brand from Ralph Lauren
  • Baron Rugby, of Rugby in the County of Warwickshire, a title in the British peerage
  • Rugby, second movement of Movements Symphoniqus by Arthur Honegger

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