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Sepahbod Definition

Sepahbod is a combination of Persian words Sepah (army) and bod (master) used as general commander in chief and was the highest military rank under the Shah (king).The title continued in usage after the Islamic conquest of Persia, among both native Iranian dynasties and also those who were under Greater Iran, such as the Armenia and Georgia.During the Pahlavi dynasty Spahbod was ranking below Arteshbod.Famous Sepahbods in the Iranian history: - Surena - Azarethes - Bahram Chubin - Rhahzadh - Rostam Farrokhzad - Shahin - Shahrbaraz - Vahriz (Wikipedia) - Spahbed   (Redirected from Sepahbod) Military of the Sasanian Empire Armed forces Conflicts
  • Spahbed
  • Pādgospān
  • Marzban
  • Kanarang
  • Poshtikbān Sālār
  • Erān anbāraghbad
  • Stor Bezashk
  • Argbadh
  • Castellan
  • Pāyygān Sālār
  • Savārān cavalry
  • Gond Sālār
  • Persian war elephants
  • Paighan
  • Kurdish javelinmen
  • Kamandaran
  • Zhayedan
  • Grivpanvar
  • Pushtigban Body Guards
  • Dailamites
  • Sarmatians
  • Sogdian warriors
  • Sardar
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Spāhbed (Middle Persian:

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