Shiraz International Airport

فرودگاه بین‌المللی شیراز ( شهید دستغیب)

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Shiraz International Airport Definition

(Wikipedia) - Shiraz International Airport Shiraz International Airport Shahid Dastghaib International Airport Tadayon Air Base IATA: SYZ – ICAO: OISSSYZLocation of airport in Iran Summary Airport type Operator Location Hub for Elevation AMSL Coordinates Website Runways Direction Length Surface ft m
Civil Aviation Organization of Iran/Military of Iran
Shiraz, Iran
4,920 ft / 1,500 m
29°32′21″N 52°35′24″E / 29.53917°N 52.59000°E / 29.53917; 52.59000Coordinates: 29°32′21″N 52°35′24″E / 29.53917°N 52.59000°E / 29.53917; 52.59000
11R/29L 14,016 4,272 Asphalt
11L/29R 14,220 4,334 Asphalt

Shiraz International Airport (IATA: SYZ, ICAO: OISS) is located in Shiraz, Iran. It is the main international airport of Fars province, and southern region of Iran.

Shiraz International Airport serves as the largest airport in the southern region of Iran. After undergoing renovation and redevelopment work in 2005, Shiraz Airport was identified as the second most reliable and modern airport in Iran (after Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran) in terms of flight safety including electronic and navigation control systems of its flight tower.

In addition to domestic flights to most major Iranian cities, several daily flights to major cities in the Middle East including Dubai and Istanbul are performed.

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Airlines and destinationsAn Iran Air Fokker 100 at Shiraz International Airport, Iran. (2007) Airlines Destinations Terminal
Air Arabia Sharjah International
Aria Air Tehran-Mehrabad Domestic
Caspian Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad Charter: Mashhad Domestic
Iran Air Tehran-Mehrabad, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lengeh, Isfahan, Ahwaz, Abadan, Bushehr Domestic
Iran Air Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Tehran Imam Khomeini Seasonal: Jeddah, Medina International
Iran Air Tours Tehran-Mehrabad, Abadan, Ahwaz, Kish Island, Mashhad Domestic
Iranian Air Transport Isfahan, Tehran-Mehrabad, Ahwaz Domestic
Iran Aseman Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad, Rasht, Bandar Abbas, Chabahar, Qeshm Island, Lamerd, Lar, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kish Island, Abadan, Ahwaz, Kerman, Sari, Zahedan, Sirri Island Domestic
Iran Aseman Airlines Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen, Dubai, Muscat International
Kish Air Asaluyeh, Kish Island, Mashhad, Tehran-Mehrabad Domestic
Mahan Air Tehran-Mehrabad, Mashhad, Ahwaz Domestic
Mahan Air Kuwait , Najaf, Baghdad Seasonal: Jeddah, Medina International
Meraj Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad, Mashhad Domestic
Qatar Airways Doha International
Qeshm Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad, Kish Island, Qeshm Island, Mashhad, Sirri Island Domestic
Taban Air Tehran-Mehrabad Charter: Mashhad Domestic
Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Atatürk International
Saha Airlines Persian Gulf Airport Domestic
Saudia Seasonal: Jeddah, Medina International
Zagros Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad, Mashhad Domestic
Domestic destination map
ShirazTehran (THR)MashhadBandar AbbasBandar LengehIsfahanAhwazAbadanBushehrKishRashtTabrizChabaharQeshmLamerdLarKermanshahKermanSariZahedanSirriAsaluyehDomestic destinations from Shiraz
International destination map
ShirazSharjah DubaiDohaKuwait CityJeddahMedinaIstanbul IST/SAWMuscatNajafBaghdadInternational destinations from Shiraz

Shiraz International Airport consists of three terminals, with two Terminals for arrival and departure for International flights and one for Domestic flights. Furthermore, another Terminal is under construction for arrival domestic flights.

Accidents and incidents
  • On 15 June 1971, Douglas C-47A EP-ADG of the Air Taxi Co was damaged beyond economic repair in an accident at Shiraz Airport.

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