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(Wikipedia) - Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro SURO Overview Locale Transit type Number of lines Number of stations Operation Began operation Ended operation Operator(s) Technical System length
Rapid transit
Shiraz Urban Railway Organization
45 km (28 mi)(approximate)
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Shiraz metro are the subway system of Shiraz, the capital city of Fars Province and the largest city in southern Iran with a population of over 1.2 million in the city and over 1.7 million in the metropolitan area. Construction of Shiraz Metro began in 2001 because of traffic problems and high population density. In 2014, the first line was opened.


Line one

Line 1 are the 22.4 km long and started from Gol-e-Sorkh Square near Shiraz International Airport to Ehsan Square in northern Shiraz. There are 20 underground stations and one station above ground (Chamran Bridge).

In the southern 15 km two separate tunnels with a diameter of 7 m are being constructed, the rest is being built as a double-track cut-and-cover tunnel. Between Chamran Bridge and Mirza Koochak Khan Square, the line is at grade. Stations in shallow sections have side platforms, and deep-level stations will have island platforms.

Line two

Line 2 will be 8.5 km long and intersect with Line 1 at Emam Hossein Square. and run to Mian Rood & Aadel Abad via Enghelab Street and Basij Square. There will be two separate 7 m diameter tube tunnels at a depth of 15 m. Among the 10 stations planned there will be 2 surface stations.

Line three

Line 3 will be 16 km long and run from Mirza Koochak Khan Square(Ma''ali abad) on Line 1 to Sadra New Town. The first 4 km will be in a shallow tunnel, and the rest at the surface. There will be four underground and four surface stations. It will have a station in shiraz railway station to transfer people from shiraz to railway station.

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