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Siavash Definition

Siavash is a Persian male name.Siavash is a prince in the Shahnameh, a legendary Persian prince from the earliest days of the Persian Empire. He was a son of Kay Kavoos, then Shah of Iran, and due to the treason of his stepmother, Soodabeh (with whom he refused to have a relation and betray his father), exiled himself to Turan where he was killed innocently by order of The Turanian king Afrasiab. He was later avenged by his son Kai Khosrau. He is a symbol of innocence in Persian Literature. His name literally means "the one with the black horse". Ferdowsi in Shahnameh dubs his horse as Shabrang Behzad.As soon as Siavash was born, Rostam took him to Zabol. When he was twelve, Rostam instructed him in riding, archery and martial arts. Other teachers taught him to hold his court, his feasts, and to rule the kingdom. When Siavash was young, he felt anxious to pay a visit to his father Kay Kavus, and Rostam accompanied his pupil to the royal court.Siavash had fulfilled Kay Kavus expectations and was received warmly. In Kay Kavus's house Siavash fared well, seeing that he prospered in all what he did, his father appointed him a ruler of Tisfun. But one of his father's wives, Soodabeh daughter of Hamavaranshah conceived a passion for him. Soodabeh went to the Shah and praising the character of his son, proposed that he should marry one of the damsels of royal linage under her care. She requested that Siavash might be sent to the harem, to see all the ladies and choose any of them as his lawful wife. The Shah approved of the proposal, and intimated it to Siavash, but Siavash being "modest and bashful" suspected in this overture some artifice of Soodabeh and hesitated. By the Shah's command, Siavash finally entered the harem. In his first visit, Siavash did not pay attention to Soodabeh and went straightly to other damsels, who placed him on a golden chair and talked to him for some time.Kay Kavus repeated to him his wish that he would at once choose a woman of the harem for his wife, but Siavash excused himself from going again to the harem. Soodabeh sent Hirbad to tell Siavash that she was even ready to kill her husband so that he might marry her lawfully, but Siavash denied her request. Her repeated advances being repulsed, she finally attempted compulsion; still failing, she brought a false accusation against him before her husband.The Shah, on hearing that Siavash had preferred his wife, thought that death alone could expiate his crime. He first smelt the hands of Siavash, which had the scent of rose water; and then he took the garments of Soodabeh, which, on the contrary, had a strong flavour of wine. Upon this discovery, the king resolved on the death of Soodabeh, being convinced of the falsehood of the accusation she had made against his son.At length he resolved to ascertain the innocence of Siavash by the ordeal of fire; and Siavash prepared to undergo the terrible trial to which he was sentenced, telling his father to be under no alarm. A fire was lighted and Siavash, wearing a helmet and a white robe, rushed among the fire on Shabrang, his black horse. When Siavash returned safe from the ordeal, his innocence was proved. Kavus now determined to put Soodabeh to death, not only for her own guilt, but for exposing his son to such imminent danger. Siavash, however, interceded for her and Soodabeh was not executed.The story of Siavash is a tragic drama full of passion, lust, blood and conspiracy; good for an action movie. (Wikipedia) - Siavash Siavash Gender Origin Word/name
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Siavash or Syavash (Persian: سياوش‎) is a Persian male given name.

The following people have the given name Siavash:

  • Siyâvash, a character in the Persian epic Shahnameh
  • Siavash Alamouti, Iranian scientist
  • Siavash Akbarpour, Iranian footballer
  • Siavash Daneshvar, Iranian activist
  • Siavash Ghomeyshi, Iranian pop singer and songwriter
  • Siavash Kasraie, Iranian poet
  • Siavash Sabbaghpour, Big Brother contestant
  • Siavash Shahshahani, Iranian mathematician
  • Siavash Shams, Persian pop singer, songwriter and entertainer
  • Siavash Mohseni, Iranian basketball national team player
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