Social Security Organization (Iran)

سازمان تأمین اجتماعی

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Social Security Organization (Iran) Definition

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سازمان تامین اجتماعی
Islamic Republic of Iran
Tehran, Iran
Seyed Naghi Nourbakhsh, Tehran, Iran
Ministry of Welfare and Social Security (Iran)

Social Security Organization (SSO) is a social insurer organization in Iran which provides coverage of wage-earners and salaried workers as well as voluntary coverage of self-employed persons. In 1975, the Social Security Law was approved and the SSO was established.

Iran did not legislate in favor of a universal social protection, but in 1996, the Center of the Statistics of Iran estimated that more than 73% of the Iranian population was covered by social security. Membership in the social security system is compulsory for all employees.

SSO is a nongovernmental organization and it is solely financed by contributions (with participation of insured (7%), employer (20–23%) and government (3%)). Social protection is extended to the self-employed workers, who voluntarily contribute between 12% and 18% of income depending on the protection sought. SSO provides the following services:

  • Retirement, disability and death;
  • Unemployment;
  • Old-age;
  • Helplessness, loss of caretaker and social vulnerabilities;
  • Accidents and injuries;
  • Physical, mental and psychic disability;
  • Health care and medical insurance;
  • Protecting mothers especially during the maternity period and child-rearing;
  • Protecting orphan children and unprotected women;
  • Planning particular insurance system for widows, old women and self-dependent women;
  • Poverty and inequity alleviation;
  • Assistance and rescue.
  • Civil servants, the regular military, law enforcement agencies, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s second major military organization, have their own pension systems.

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    • Number of insured (18–65 years old): 12 million (2014)
    • Number of whole beneficiaries: 37 million (2014)
    • Retirees and beneficiaries: 2 million (old age, disabilities and survivors) (2013)
    Affiliated institutions See also: Tehran Stock Exchange
    • The Social Security Investment Company (SSIC aka "SHASTA")
      • Sadere Tamin Company (Tile and Ceramic)
      • Tamin Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Company
      • Tamin Gas and Oil Investment Company
      • Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company
      • Tamin Nourishment Investment Company
      • Pars Hotels Investment Company
      • Saba Tamin Company
    • Iran Khanesazi Investment Company (housing)
    • Refah Bank
    • The Tamin ICT & Management Consultancy Service Company
    • Social Security Auditing Company
    • Social Security Real Estate Agency
    • Kar & Tamin Company
    • Homa Hotel Group
    • The SSO Milad-e-Salamat Health and Medical Institute
    • Hekmat Medical Group Company (ltd.)

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