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Updated:Saturday 2nd November 2019

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http://Speedkiter.com Title:SpeedKiter.com ::: Chris Hess plans to break the speed record for snow kiting. Keywords: Kiting, Speed, Speed Kiting, World Record, Chris Hess, Ontario, lake, land, musician, kite, rank, speed rank, Parry Sound, Killbear, Concept Air, Canadian, snow, sled, snowboard, fast, prizes, maximum speed, GPS, ice, power, rider, riders, slides, good karma, kite facts Description: How fast can you go. The 2006 kite Speed Ranking is underway. Send in your GPS top speeds achieved while on snow or ice and under power of a kite. We are excited to be offering you weekly prizes from Concept Air. Weekly Prizes for any kiter who hits top speeds on Canadian soil, sliding on anything that slides. Send us your speeds and win prizes.

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