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Updated:Tuesday 10th July 2012

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(Tehran Times) – Three Iranian computer games have won the top awards of the Second Tehran International Game Expo and Festival. “Shaban” was selected as the best 2D game award, and “Garshasb” and “Siavash” shared the award in the 3D category at the festival’s award presentation ceremony in Vahdat Hall on Monday. The event was co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG) Culture Minister Mohammad Hosseini and NFCG Director attended the ceremony. The developers of the games received a Golden Gazelle and a cash prize of 80 million Rials (over $4000). The international distribution of the games will be financed by the NFCG. In addition, Payam Azadi won the best music award for his work in “Shaban” and Fatemeh Kashfi received the best artistic director award for the game. The best sound effects award went to Aidin Radkia for “Garshasb”. Directed by Ebrahim Masjedian, “Shaban” tells the story of a shepherd living happily along with his sheep and goats. One rainy night, thieves invade his property and steal all his sheep. Produced by the NFCG, “Garshasb” is about the adventure of an Iranian hero named Garshasb who sets out on a journey to take revenge from the enemy for killing his brother. “Siavash”, which is based on Ferdowsi’s masterpiece, the Shahnameh, has been also produced by the NFCG. The game is about a commander in the army of Turan, Siavash, who was killed by Afrasiab, the king of Turan. His son Kai Khosrow later decides to avenge his father’s death. A number of games in the side sections were also honored during the ceremony. “Black Elixir” by Aidin Zolqadr won the first independent game award, and “ThermoBox” by Milad Salehi was selected as the best mobile game. The best game designer award was given to Shahab Keshavarz for “Hidden Treasure and Black Gold”. “Troubles of a Hamster” by Farhud Farmand was named the best children’s game and “Navard” by Saman Qaed-Hosseini became the best online game.

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