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Taher Definition

Arabic male name meaning clean (Wikipedia) - Taher For people named Taher or Tahir, see Tahir. Tahir, Taher الطاهير Country Province District APC Government  • Type  • Mayor Area  • Total Population (2008)  • Total  • Density Time zone Postal code ISO 3166 code
City and Common
Nickname(s): Tahir
Motto: "From the people, for the people"
Location of Taher in the Jijel Province
Tahir, TaherLocation of Taher in the Algeria
Coordinates: 36°46′19″N 5°53′54″E / 36.77194°N 5.89833°E / 36.77194; 5.89833Coordinates: 36°46′19″N 5°53′54″E / 36.77194°N 5.89833°E / 36.77194; 5.89833
Jijel Province
Taher District
Hafid Boumahrouk (RND)
2,504 sq mi (64,86 km2)
31,350/sq mi (1,210,3/km2)
18200 18002

Taher (Arabic: الطاهير‎, Atahir; Algerian Arabic: أطًهير),. In 2008, the population was 78,500. Taher is the industrial center of Jijel Province, with its industrial area of ouled salah, the aeroplane of Achouat (Ferhat Abbas Aeroplane) and the Djen Djen Port.

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The municipality of Taher is located in the north of Jijel Province.

Localities of the town

Taher is composed of several locations:

  • Bazoul
  • Laajarda
  • Belmamouda
  • Beni Metrane
  • Bouazem
  • Laghjara
  • Taher
  • Bouachir
  • Boubzrène
  • Boulzazène
  • El Kedia
  • Dekkara
  • Demina
  • Aïn El Hammam
  • Boulachour
  • Boucherka
  • Merdj El Bir
  • Ouled Salah
  • Ouled-Souici
  • Oued Nil
  • Oum Djelal
  • Tablalte
  • Dar El Oued
  • T''Har oussaf
  • Tleta

The present city is located on the site of an ancient city - dating back to Ottoman period - it was built on aboriginal lands hunted in the nearby mountains, after the revolt of 1871 (see revolt Mokrani) time of occupation of Algeria by France, whose population was expropriated, including: the plain of Oued Djen-djen, Telata, the Ouled Bel Afou, Wadi Nile Beni Afar, Beni Siar, Beni khatab, and the immediate vicinity of the The current city

  • Ferhat Abbas, first president of (GPRA).
  • Dekhli Mokhtar (elbaraka), one fighter of the FLN in Taher and the Algerian east.
  • Sidi Yahia Mosque in downtown of Taher.

  • The church Taher.

  • Sidi Yahia Mosque in downtown of Taher.

  • The church Taher (Downtown).

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