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تنگه واشی

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(Wikipedia) - Tangeh Savashi Visitors from Tehran flock to the area on weekends to enjoy the idyllic surroundings.The valley after the first narrow extends two miles before the next narrow containing waterfalls.

Tangeh Savashi (Persian: تنگ ساواشی) or Tangeh Vashi (Persian: تنگ واشی) is a gorge and mountain pass in the Alborz range of Iran (Persia). It is a popular tourist attraction in Tehran Province.

Located 15 kilometers west of Firouzkouh, 9 kilometers north of the Firouzkouh-Damavand road in Tehran Province, it is a narrow mountain pass in the Alborz range. The narrow gorge was created by a perennial stream which comes down from a series of waterfalls upstream.

Slightly lower, in a hilly area, the stream provided a patch of lush grazing land within the mountains. Until the 20th century the area was a royal hunting reserve, populated by various wildlife. The Qajar Persia king Fath Ali Shah (1772 – 1834) maintained a hunting lodge there.

To commemorate his hunts, Fath Ali Shah ordered the carving of a relief in the mid way point of the pass. There are ruins of a Qajar guard tower at the top of one of entrances to the gorge.

Today, the relief is a popular tourist attraction and the location is also highly popular among trekking and hiking fans.

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