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سامانهٔ اتوبوس تندرو تهران( بی‌آرتی)


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Updated:Monday 13th October 2014

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(Wikipedia) - Tehran Bus Rapid Transit The System MapTehran Bus Rapid TransitTehran Rapid Transit Bus Renault(assembly in Iran) in the Azadi passenger terminal

Tehran Bus Rapid Transit was officially inaugurated in 2008 in order to facilitate the motor traffic in Tehran. As at 2011 the bus rapid transit (BRT) system had a network of 100 kilometers which transports 1.8 million passengers on a daily basis.

Tehran has 6 BRT lines.

  • 1- Line 1: Azadi Sq. to Tehranpars (Jan. 2008)
  • 2- Line 2: Azadi Terminal to Khavaran Terminal
  • 3- Line 3: Elm-O-Sanat Terminal to Khavaran Terminal (Feb. 2009)
  • 4- Line 4: Tehran South Terminal to Chamran Highway-Parkway Intersection
  • 5- Line 5: Elm-O-Sanat Terminal to Arjantin Sq.
  • 6- Line 7: Railway station that is located in southern part of Tehran to Tajrish that is located in northern part of Tehran.
  • 7- Line 10: Azadi Sq. to Daneshgah Azad sq. in Hesarak

The total length of BRT in Tehran is about 150 km that will be increased to 300 km in future.

Tehran''s mayor, Dr. Ghalibaf addressed the inaugural ceremony saying:

Polls conducted in recent years have shown that one of the most important concerns of Tehran citizens is motor traffic and related problems because it causes health problems, increases economic costs and leads to countless hours of wasted time. Therefore, the Tehran Municipality and the Islamic City Council cannot be indifferent to challenges related to this issue.

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