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دانشگاه هنر تهران

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دانشگاه هنر تهران
1980; 34 years ago (1980)
Saeid Koshanfalah
Tehran, Iran
University of Art

Tehran University of Art (Persian: دانشگاه هنر تهران‎) is the biggest art university in Iran. First departments of the university were established between 1950 and 1979. In 1980, five different institutes of arts were combined together under the name of Tehran University of Art. The university is considered to be a pioneering institute in teaching various art majors in Iran and the Middle East. Tehran University of Art currently has five faculties in Tehran and Karaj. There are 16 majors in bachelor’s degree, 16 majors in master’s degree and one major in PhD in this university.

  • Faculty of Cinema and Theater (est. 1964)
Majors: Cinema, Theater, Directing, Animation, Dramatic literature
  • Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Majors: Architecture, Urban Planning Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, Interior Architecture
  • Faculty of Music
Majors: Iranian Instruments Performance, international Instrument Performance, Composition, Musicology
  • Faculty of Visual Arts
Majors: Painting, Graphic, Photography, and sculpture
  • Faculty of Applied Art
Majors: Industrial Design, Handicraft, Print, Carpet, Fashion design, Monument Restoration, Philosophy of Art, Art Studies

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