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Updated:Tuesday 26th September 2017

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http://Tianjinplus.com Title:Tianjin Plus Magazine - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Events, Transportation, Travel, and more... Keywords: Tianjin, Hotels, Restaurants, restaurants in Tianjin, travel tianjin, shopping, tianjin community, tianjin expat community, expatriates, magazines, events, world travel, coffee shops, tea houses, nightlife, bars, clubs, hospitals tianjin, massages tianjin, spas tianjin, dental clinics tianjin, home tianjin, 5 stars hotels, 5 stars hotels, 3 stars hotels, recreation, parks tianjin, museums tianjin, cinemas tianjin, theatres tianjin, art galleries tianjin, bowling tianjin, billiards tianjin, schools tianjin, chinese language schools tianjin, high schools tianjin, universities tianjin, primary schools tianjin, library tianjin, souvenirs tianjin, shopping malls tianjin, clothing stores tianjin, hot pot restaurants tianjin, dumpling restaurants tianjin, japanese restaurants, sichuan restaurants, indian restaurants tianjin, korean restaurants tianjin,vietnamese restaurants, spanish restaurants, french restaurants tianjin, german restaurants tianjin, bakeries tianjin, pizza tianjin, italian restaurants tianjin, transportation tianjin, tianjin beijing shuttle bus, international flights tianjin, chinese visa tianjin, airport tianjin, airlines, chinese airlines, gyms tianjin, outdoor clubs, yoga tianjin Description: Tianjin Plus is a pocket magazine for the expat living or visiting Tianjin, interested in social and cultural activities, nightlife, restaurants, health & beauty, and a contemporary lifestyle. Tianjin Plus is your English guide to the city!

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