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دانشگاه كردستان

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دانشگاه كردستان

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Dr. Jahanshir Amini
Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, Iran

University of Kurdistan (Persian: دانشگاه كردستان‎, Kurdish: زانستگای كوردستان) is the largest university in Iranian Kurdistan Province, located in south of Sanandaj. The University of Kurdistan was ranked as the eighth top university in Iran (categorized by quantity and quality of research activities) in academic year 2007-2008 and was ranked as the first top developing university in Iran in academic year 2006-2007.

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The university began its activity in the autumn of 1974 as The Supreme Training College of Sanandaj and for the first time accepted students in Math major. In the autumn of 1976 the college became a branch of Razi University and began accepting students in Chemistry and English Language in addition to Math. In the winter of 1976 it also accepted students in Persian Language and Literature and continued its educational activities. In 1991 the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology recognized the College as an independent university: University of Kurdistan. Since then, various majors have been added to the university''s education list.


University of Kurdistan has the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Literature and Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Natural Resources
  • Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Science

Dean: Dr. Farough Nasiri

Faculty of Science was constructed in 1974 as the first faculty of the University of Kurdistan and now is active with four educational groups: Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology. In 2004 the new department of Science Faculty was built. PhD in Chemistry was for the first time added in the faculty and in 2007 PhD of Physics was also added, however, majors of Statistics, Geology and Computer Science will be added until 2009.

Faculty of Literature and Humanities

Dean: Dr. Teimur malmir

Faculty of Literature and Humanities was the second faculty in the university. The most students of the university are studying in this faculty. The faculty has a total number of 60 educators and accepts students in Persian Literature, Arabic Literature, English Literature, Commercial Management, Civility Science, Theology and Islamic Studies, Sports, Accounting and Kurdish Literature and Language majors.

Faculty of Engineering

Dean: Dr. Fardin Akhlaghian

Faculty of Engineering was built in 1994. Educational groups of this faculty are Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mine Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Urban Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology (IT) Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. This faculty is operating in two buildings. The second building has been opened in 2006.

Faculty of Agriculture

Dean: Dr. Behruz Harighi

Faculty of Agriculture was founded in 1993. The research center of this faculty has been established in 2000 and has an area of 11 hectares.

Faculty of Natural Resources

Dean: Dr. Naghi Shabanian

Faculty of Natural Resources was founded in 1993 with Faculty of Agriculture But in 2007 was independent.Educational groups of this faculty are Rangeland and Watershed (Watershed management), Forestry, Fisheries, Geography, Environmental science.

Faculty of Architecture

Dean: Dr. Mehrdad Yousef Zamani

Faculty of Architecture is being established.

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