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Family name
Small raven, crow
Basque Country, Spain
Basque, Spanish

Velasco (also Belasco or Belasko) is a Spanish family name and masculine first name derived from the Basque bela- meaning ''raven'' or ''crow'' and the diminutive suffix -sco. The name also made its way into Portuguese language as Vasco. Notable people with the surname include:

  • The Castilian noble house of Velasco, rulers of the Dukedom of Frías
  • Alberto Contador Velasco (born 1982), Spanish professional road bicycle racer
  • Álvaro Velasco (weightlifter) (born 1971), Colombian weightlifter
  • Álvaro Velasco (golfer) (born 1981), Spanish professional golfer
  • Ana de Velasco y Girón (1585-1607), mother of John IV of Portugal
  • Andrés Velasco (born 1961), Chilean economist and former Finance Minister
  • Camile Velasco (born 1985), Filipino-American singer
  • Cris Velasco (born 1980), American film and video game composer
  • Diablo Velasco (1919-1999), Mexican trainer of professional wrestlers
  • Diego López de Zúñiga y Velasco (1510-1564), sixth viceroy of Peru
  • Domingo Antonio Velasco, 18th century Italian painter
  • Eleanor Thornton (1880-1915), (full name Eleanor Velasco Thornton), model for the Rolls-Royce hood ornament, Spirit of Ecstasy
  • Epimaco Velasco (1935–2014), Filipino politician
  • Félix Díaz Velasco (1868–1945), Mexican politician and general
  • Gaspar Borja y Velasco (1580-1645), Spanish Cardinal, metropolitan of Toledo
  • Iván Velasco, Spanish road bicycle racer
  • Jaime Castillo Velasco (1914–2003), Chilean politician
  • José Manso de Velasco, 1st Count of Superunda (1688-1767), Governor of Chile and Viceroy of Peru
  • José María Velasco Gómez (1840-1912), Mexican painter
  • José María Velasco Ibarra (1893-1979), Ecuadorian president, five times elected by popular vote.
  • José María Cervantes y Velasco (c. 1785-1856), Mexican army officer
  • Jose R. Velasco (1916—2007), Filipino plant physiologist and agricultural chemist
  • Juan Velasco (1910–1977), Peruvian general, ruler of Peru (1968-1975)
  • Juan Velasco Damas (born 1977), Spanish footballer
  • Juan de Velasco (1727-1796), Jesuit priest
  • Juan de Velasco, Count of Siruela (died 1651), Spanish Governor of the Duchy of Milan
  • Juan Zambudio Velasco (1921-2004), Spanish football goalkeeper
  • Julio Velasco (born 1952), Argentine volleyball coach
  • Luis de Velasco (1511-1564), Spanish nobleman, Viceroy of New Spain
  • Luis de Velasco, marqués de Salinas (c. 1534-1617), Spanish nobleman, Viceroy of New Spain and of Peru
  • Luis Vicente de Velasco e Isla (1711-1762), commander in the Royal Spanish Navy
  • Manuel de Velasco y Tejada, Spanish admiral at the Battle of Vigo Bay (1702)
  • Manuela Velasco (born 1975), Spanish film actress
  • Mansueto Velasco (born 1974), Filipino Olympic silver medalist in boxing
  • María Elena Velasco (born 1940), Mexican actress and film director
  • Miguel Alemán Velasco (born 1932), Mexican politician, businessman and philanthropist
  • Presbitero Velasco, Jr. (born 1948), incumbent Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
  • Roel Velasco (born 1972), retired Filipino boxer
  • Verónica Ruiz de Velasco (born 1968), Mexican painter
  • Vicente Manuel de Céspedes y Velasco (died 1794), Spanish governor of Santiago de Cuba and of West Florida
  • Velasco Sánchez (fl. 1153-1181), Iberian nobleman who held various political and military offices

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