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حزب اتحاد کمونیسم کارگری ایران

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حزب اتحاد کمونیسم کارگری
Ali Javadi
Worker-Communist Party of Iran
Workerist Communism
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The Worker-communism Unity Party (WUP) is an Iranian political party in exile.

The party pursues a workerist communist course in the Marxist tradition of Mansoor Hekmat. It was founded in 2007 by Hekmat''s wife, the radical feminist Azar Majedi, by the current leader Ali Javadi, and by Homa Arjomand and Siavash Daneshvar as a spin-off from Worker-Communist Party of Iran.

The party often holds its conferences and meetings in Europe, and launches different campaigns against the Islamic republic.

In 2012 the party joined the Worker-communist Party - Hekmatist.

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