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کشتی در ایران

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Chukha style wrestling in Nishapur

Iranian wrestling, known as koshti in Persian, has been practiced since ancient times throughout Iran. The most popular form is koshti phlavani practiced in the zurkaneh, while regional variations differ from one province to another. These folk styles can be divided into two major categories; one in which the object is to lift or throw the opponent, whereas that of the other is to touch a part of the opponent''s body to the ground.

Notable styles include:

  • Koshti Pahlavani, lit. "heroic wrestling" (practiced Iran-wide)
  • Bachoukheh style (Khorasan province)
  • Chukha style (Khorasan province)
  • Gileh-Mardi style (Gilan, Mazandarann and Golestan Provinces)
  • Check-Chisht style (Mazandaran province)
  • Loucho style (Mazandaran province)
  • Tourkamani style or Kurash (Golestan Province)
  • Ashirma style (East Azarbaijan Province)
  • Kamari style (Azerbaijan region, Ghezel Bash Turks)
  • Baghal-be-Baghal style (Qazvin province)
  • Zouran Patouleh and Zouran Machkeh styles (Kordestan province)
  • Catch Gardan style (Sistan and Baluchistan Province)
  • Zhir-o-bal style (Kordish regions; Kordestan, Kermanshah, Ilam provinces)
  • Jang style (Lurestan and Chahar Mahal va Bakhtyari Provinces)
  • Maghli style (Chahar Mahal va Bakhtyari Province)
  • Lori style (Lorestan province)
  • Dasteh Baghal style (Fars province)
  • Lashgarkeshi style (Yazd province)
  • Kamarbandi style (Esfahan province)
  • Kaviri style (Kerman province)

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