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Xerxes I (519-465 BC) King of Persia (486 - 465 B.C.) The son of Dariush I, he had been governor of Babylon before his succession. He ferociously suppressed rebellions in Egypt (484) and Babylonia (482). To avenge Dariush's defeat by the Greeks at the Battle of Marathon, he spent three years raising a massive army and navy. When a storm destroyed the bridges he had built to cross the Hellespont, he had them rebuilt and for seven days oversaw the crossing of his army, numbering 360,000 troops by modern estimates, supported by more than 700 ships. The Persians broke through at the Battle of Thermopylae and pillaged Athens, but then lost their navy at the Battle of Salamis (480). Xerxes returned to Asia, leaving the army behind; it withdrew after its defeat at the Battle of Plataea (479). In Persia he began an extensive building campaign at Persepolis. Drawn unwittingly into palace intrigues, he killed his brother's family at the queen's demand. He was murdered by members of his court. His setback in Greece was regarded as the beginning of the decline of the Achaemenid dynasty. (Wikipedia) - Xerxes

Xerxes is a male name. It is the Greek version of the Old Persian name Xšaya-ṛšā, which is today known in Modern Persian as Khashayar. It may refer to:

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  • Xerxes I of Persia, reigned 486-465 BC
  • Xerxes II of Persia, reigned 424 BC
  • Xerxes of Armenia, Armenian king, assassinated around 212 BC
  • Xerxes of Commagene, third Satrap of the state of Commagene (228 to 201 BC)
  • Xerxes is the twenty-fourth word in the full name of Wolfe+585, Senior.
  • Serse (Xerxes), George Frideric Handel''s opera of 1738.
  • Xerse, Cavalli''s opera of 1654 (to the same libretto as Handel''s later work).
  • Xerxes, novel by Louis Couperus
  • Xerxes (Dune), character in Brian Herbert''s Legends of Dune universe
  • Xerxes, character in Disney''s Aladdin
  • XERXES, an Artificial Intelligence in the video game System Shock 2
  • Xerxes Khodaiji, the protagonist of the film Little Zizou
  • Xerxes Break, a character in Pandora Hearts
  • Xerxes is a country in the manga Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Xerxes, the primary antagonist in D-Yikes!, an episode of South Park
  • Xerxes, character in Call Girl (Family Guy)
  • XerxesDZB, a Dutch professional football team based in Rotterdam
  • Xerxes The God-King, a 2010 release by American rapper King Gordy
  • Xerxes, a series of record turntables from Roksan Audio (UK)
  • Xerxes a flowering plant from Brazil
  • XerXeS, a DoS Tool developed and utilised by Th3j3ster

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