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(Wikipedia) - Yadollah Sahabi Dr. Yadollah Sahabi یدالله سحابی Chairman of the Parliament of Iran Preceded by Succeeded by Member of Parliament of Iran Constituency Personal details Born Died Nationality Political party Religion
In office 28 June 1980 – 28 July 1980
Javad Saeed
Hashemi Rafsanjanii
In office 28 June 1980 – 9 January 1983
(1905-02-25)25 February 1905 Tehran, Iran
12 April 2002(2002-04-12) (aged 97) Tehran, Iran
Freedom Movement
Usuli Twelver Shia Islam

Yadollah Sahabi (25 February 1905 – 12 April 2002) was a prominent Iranian scholar, writer, reformist and politician. A close associate of Mohammad Mosaddegh and Mehdi Bazargan, Sahabi was an active campaigner for the nationalisation of the Iranian oil industry in the 1950s. He was the father of Ezzatollah Sahabi.

Sahabi studied at Université Lille Nord de France and majored in Geology. He got his PhD degree in 1936 and was immediately hired by Tehran University, faculty of science. Sahabi was one of the founders of Freedom Movement of Iran. He was an advocate of pluralism and democracy. He was a full professor at Tehran University and well credited writer.

Sahabi is considered by many Iranians as a national hero and an Iranian treasure. He died at the age of 97 in Jam Hospital in Tehran.

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