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Yusefabad or Yusofabad or Yoosef Abad or Yusafabad or Yoosof Abad (Persian: يوسف آباد‎), also rendered as Yusufabad, may refer to:


Ardabil Province
  • Yusefabad, Ardabil
Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province
  • Yusefabad, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, a village in Ardal County
East Azerbaijan Province
  • Yusefabad, Bostanabad, a village in Bostanabad County
  • Yusofabad, Shabestar, a village in Shabestar County
Fars Province
  • Yusefabad, Jahrom, a village in Jahrom County
  • Yusefabad, Kazerun, a village in Kazerun County
Gilan Province
  • Yusefabad, Amlash, a village in Amlash County
  • Yusefabad, Rankuh, a village in Amlash County
  • Yusefabad, Rasht, a village in Rasht County
Hamadan Province
  • Yusefabad, Hamadan, a village in Asadabad County
Kerman Province
  • Yusefabad, Anbarabad, a village in Anbarabad County
  • Yusefabad, Fahraj, a village in Fahraj County
  • Yusefabad-e Pain, a village in Fahraj County
  • Yusefabad-e Salar, a village in Fahraj County
  • Yusefabad, Manujan, a village in Manujan County
  • Yusefabad, Eslamiyeh, a village in Rafsanjan County
  • Yusefabad, Koshkuiyeh, a village in Rafsanjan County
  • Yusefabad, Sarcheshmeh, a village in Rafsanjan County
  • Yusefabad, Ravar, a village in Ravar County
  • Yusefabad, Rigan, a village in Rigan County
  • Yusefabad, Khatunabad, a village in Shahr-e Babak County
  • Yusefabad, Madvarat, a village in Shahr-e Babak County
Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province
  • Yusefabad, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, a village in Boyer-Ahmad County
Kurdistan Province
  • Yusofabad, Kurdistan, a village in Kamyaran County
Lorestan Province
  • Yusefabad, Dorud
  • Yusefabad, Kuhdasht
  • Yusefabad Cham Chal
  • Yusefabad-e Abdolmeni
Markazi Province
  • Yusefabad, Markazi, a village in Saveh County
Mazandaran Province
  • Yusefabad, Amol, a village in Amol County
  • Yusefabad, Mahmudabad, a village in Mahmudabad County
  • Yusefabad, Tonekabon, a village in Tonekabon County
Qazvin Province
  • Yusefabad, Qazvin
Razavi Khorasan Province
  • Yusefabad, Chenaran, a village in Chenaran County
  • Yusefabad, Firuzeh, a village in Firuzeh County
  • Yusefabad, Jowayin, a village in Jowayin County
  • Yusefabad, Nishapur, a village in Nishapur County
  • Yusefabad, Quchan, a village in Quchan County
Sistan and Baluchestan Province
  • Yusefabad, Irandegan, a village in Khash County
  • Yusefabad, Gowhar Kuh, a village in Khash County
  • Yusefabad-e Tudak, a village in Khash County
South Khorasan Province
  • Yusefabad, South Khorasan, a village in Sarbisheh County
  • Yusefabad-e Bam, a village in Tabas County
Tehran Province
  • Yusefabad, Tehran
  • Yusefabad-e Ghaffari, a village in Malard County
  • Yusefabad-e Khaleseh, a village in Varamin County
  • Yusefabad-e Qavam, a village in Malard County
  • Yusefabad-e Seyrafi, a village in Shahriar County
West Azerbaijan Province
  • Yusefabad, Chaldoran, a village in Chaldoran County
  • Yusefabad, Khoy, a village in Khoy County
  • Yusefabad, Urmia, a village in Urmia County
Zanjan Province
  • Yusefabad, Abhar, a village in Abhar County
  • Yusefabad, Mahneshan, a village in Mahneshan County
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