Ashur Banipal

آشور بانیپال

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The son of Esarhaddon, the last Assyrian king (668-627 BC) : He was appointed crown prince of Assyria in 672 BC; his half-brother was appointed crown prince of Babylonia. On his father's death, Ashur Banipal assumed full power without incident. He quelled a rebellion in Egypt and successfully besieged Tyre. His half brother, who served him in Babylonia peacefully for 16 years, joined a coalition of peoples from outlying areas of the Assyrian empire and plotted rebellion, but Ashur Banipal discovered the plots and, after a three-year siege, took Babylon. By 639 BC he had the whole known world under his control. A tyrant of religious zeal, he rebuilt or adorned most of the major shrines of Assyria and Babylonia while destroying many ancient civilizations including Susa, displacing Jews and keep them as slavee. His principal intellectual accomplishment was the creation in Nineveh of the first systematically organized library in the Middle East; the clay tablets collected there preserved omen texts, Mesopotamian epics, prayers and incantations, scientific texts, lexicographical texts, and folktales. During his reign he collected cuneiform texts from all over Mesopotamia, and especially Babylonia.He established the first systematically organized library in the ancient Middle East, which survives in part today at Nineveh. He was known for his exceedingly cruel actions. Some pictures show him putting a dog chain through the jaw of a defeated king and then making him live in a dog kennel. Many bold pictures and paintings even boast of such cruel acts, showing he was proud of all that he did.

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