Yakusoku wa Iranai

آیا وعده نیاز ندارد

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(Wikipedia) - Yakusoku wa Iranai "Yakusoku wa Iranai (約束はいらない?)" Single by Maaya Sakamoto from the album Single Collection+ Hotchpotch and Grapefruit Released Format Genre Label Producer(s) Maaya Sakamoto singles chronology
April 24, 1996
CD single
Victor Entertainment
Yoko Kanno
"''Yakusoku wa Iranai" (1996) "Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan" (1997)

Yakusoku wa Iranai (約束はいらない?) is the first single by singer Maaya Sakamoto and was released on April 24, 1996. This was her debut single under composer Yoko Kanno. The songs were used in her debut anime, The Vision of Escaflowne. Both songs were included on Sakamoto''s solo debut, Grapefruit, and "Tomodachi" was re-recorded in English and presented as "My Best Friend."

Track listing
  • "約束はいらない" (Yakusoku wa Iranai?, lit. "Promises Not Needed")
  • "ともだち" (Tomodachi?, lit. "Friend")
  • "約束はいらない (オリジナル・カラオケ)" (Yakusoku wa Iranai (Original Karaoke)?, lit. "Promises Not Needed (Original Karaoke)")
  • "ひとみのタロット占い" (Hitomi no Tarotto Uranai?, lit. "Hitomi''s Tarot Reading")
  • Charts Chart Peak position Sales Weeks on chart
    Oricon Weekly Singles 44 30,140 4

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