Wind power in Iran

انرژی بادی در ایران

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(Wikipedia) - Wind power in Iran As a further drive toward diversification of energy sources, Iran has also established wind farms in several areas, this one near Manjeel.

Wind power in Iran has been experiencing a growth in wind generation in recent years, and has a plan to substantially increase wind generation each year. Iran is the sole center producing wind turbines in the Middle East.

In 2006, Iran generated 45 megawatts of electricity from wind power (ranked 30th in the world). This was a 40% increase over 32 megawatts in 2005. Total wind generation in 2004 was 25 megawatts out of 33,000 megawatts total electrical generation capacity for the country. In 2008, Iran''s wind power plants in Manjil (in Gilan province) and Binaloud (in Razavi Khorasan province) produce 128 megawatts of electricity. By 2009, Iran had wind power capacity of 130 MW.

Iran is a member of the Global Wind Energy Council.

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