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ایران و قفقاز (مجله)

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Iran and the Caucasus (print: ISSN 1609-8498, online: ISSN 1573-384X) is a biannual multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal published by Brill Publishers in collaboration with the Caucasian Centre for Iranian Studies (Yerevan). The journal covers the history (ancient, mediaeval and modern), culture, anthropology, literature (textology), folklore, linguistics, archaeology, politics, and economy of the region. Articles are published in English, French and German. It was established in 1997 by Garnik Asatrian, the head of the Center. The editor-in-chief is Garnik S. Asatrian (Yerevan).

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The journal is abstracted and indexed in the Arts and Humanities Citation Index and the International

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