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ایرانسل 2011

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به روز شده:Saturday 12th November 2011

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(Irancell) - On the Verge of the International Iran Telecom Exhibition 2011: Irancell Unveils 24 New Products and ServicesIrancell unveiled 24 new products and services of GSM and WiMAX on the verge of the 12th International Iran Telecom Exhibition. These new services and products are not only introduced for the first time to the Iranian telecommunications market, but also classified on the basis of the users, i.e. home and corporate users, Irancell Public Relations reported. Irancell new products and services unveiled in this news conference event included: Irancell App Store, LBS Refill, Advert Wise, Call Me Now, Voice SMS, Mobile Wallet, VoIP, WiMAX Soft Phone (aaVaa), WiMAX Hot Spots, CPE Dongle, Recharge a Friend, Vitrin Kala, Virtual Store, Irancell Info Finder, IVR Recharge, STK Mobile Banking, One Time Password (OTP), and m-Health. Introducing its new corporate services including MVPN, AVF, Advertising RBT, LBS API and M2M, all in a package to be provided to corporate users, Irancell also unveiled its state-of-the-art products in commercial communications field. Irancell AppStore:While smart phones are increasingly welcomed by users in the Iranian mobile phone market, Irancell AppStore is supposed to meet the need for optimal use of the smart phones. AppStore (Irancell applications portal) is supposed to provide Irancell users with applications based on the most common mobile operating systems such as Java, Symbian and Android, developed at different categories by local and international content providers. This way, Irancell will open a new horizon toward an enormous potential market for supplying mobile applications in Iran. Irancell AppStore will be a platform for mobile application providers to make revenues by introducing their applications, especially Farsi applications. LBS RefillThis service which is easily activated by dialing the USSDs can be used for recharging based on the subscriber location. It can also provide the subscribers with various exciting promotional tariffs and discounts through Irancell WOW and new regional plans. Advert WiseThis service can play the role of an effective and efficient media for advertising and information dissemination over mobile phone platform. From among the unique features of this service, one can mention: information dissemination to the target customers in a specific geographical area using SMS or MMS, providing advertising information for a defined target population based on age, gender, interests, priorities and income level as well as Sending coupon and customized discount card with the exceptional feature of Viewing or Analyzing the Result of Advertising Campaigns. Call Me NowThis service is simply activated by dialing the related USSD. Using this service, the caller will be informed via SMS that the called subscriber's handset is now switched on or s/he is currently under the network coverage. For the first phase, only prepaid subscribers can enjoy this service. Voice SMSUsing this new service, Irancell subscribers can use an IVR to record a 60-second voice SMS and send it to the subscribers of Irancell or other operators through SMS, MMS or phone call. The subscribers can also respond to or forward the received voice SMS or have access to their voice SMS box using other mobile lines and/or fixed lines. VoIPIrancell VoIP which was introduced to public during the event, changes analog voice signals to digital data ones to send them over WiMAX platform. Using this service, Irancell WiMAX subscribers can enjoy cost effective local or international calls, with no need to telephone line, SIM card and/or payment of activation charges. VoIP

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