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(Wikipedia) - Iranican Iranican Country of origin Broadcast Original channel Original run
United States
Persian News Network
October 8, 2005  – Present

Iranican is an Iranian American non-profit multimedia organization. Currently, Iranican publishes a weekly talk show, Sedaye Iranican, formerly Iranican Live on Official Iranican Website and Radio Javan every Wednesday. Iranican also publishes videos as Iranican Reports on an occasional basis.

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The name

The term "Iranican" was first introduced by one of the hosts. This term was widely coined by Siamack Baniameri''s book The Iranican Dream published in 2005. Iranican is a derivative of the two words "Iranian" and "American", however because in Persian, "Irani" means Iranian, it also carries the meaning of Irani can.


Iranican was pioneered as a talk show by 8 Iranians in the California Bay Area in their early 20''s on Saturday October 8, 2005. Later on, the TV show was polished and developed and officially launched as Iranican on February 11, 2006. From October 8, 2005 with original co-hosts were Ali Ebrahimi, Samira Kashani, Iman Oskoorouchi, Shobeir Shobeiri, Shadi Sharif, Salman Roknizadeh, and Shadi Vaezzadeh till December 23, 2006; Iranican aired on Saturdays from 11AM-Noon PST on Persian News Network. A day or two later, PNN was cut off Telestar5 satellite, however Iranican continued airing its shows live online directly from its website for a few weeks. PNN has not come back since, but Iranican was picked up by another Satellite Channel, Markazi TV. The first Iranican show on Markazi aired live on July 29, 2007. A few months later Markazi went off Satellite for 2 months to switch frequency while Iranican started to make short online reports and has continued to do so since. On May 21, 2008, Iranican re-launched its discussion formatted talk shows as a radio program named Iranican Live which airs on Radio Javan.


The official launch on February 11, 2006 featured Maz Jobrani, an Iranian American Comedian and Ahmad Ahmad, an Egyptian American Comedian . This launch was the first Iranican show to feature a live audience in the studio and since then, Iranican has not had another show with a live audience.


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