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جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی

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جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی
Mohsen Mirdamadi
Abdollah Ramezanzadeh
23 August 1998; 16 years ago (1998-08-23)
Tehran, Iran
Reform Movement
Politics of Iran Political parties Elections

The Islamic Iran Participation Front (Jebheye Mosharekate Iran-e Eslaami, جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی in Persian) is a reformist political party in Iran. It is sometimes described as the most dominant member within the 2nd of Khordad Front.

It was led by former Secretary-General of the party, Mohammad Reza Khatami (the brother of Mohammad Khatami, the fifth President of Iran) before the election of Mohsen Mirdamadi as new Secretary-General in 9th congress. Founded in late 1998, the main motto of the IIPF is "Iran for all Iranians" (ایران برای همه ایرانیان in Persian). While still backing Islam, the state religion of Iran, the party is among the evangelizers of democracy in Iran.

In 2004, Mohammad Reza Khatami, along with other prominent members such as Elaheh Koulaei, Mohsen Mirdamadi, and Ali Shakouri-Rad were barred from standing in the parliament elections by the Council of Guardians.

In spring of 2005, this party supported Mostafa Moin in the presidential election together with its unofficial daily Eqbal which was disestablished in July 2005.

The decision center of the party is the Central Council, which has thirty members. For the current list of the members, see list of the members of Islamic Iran Participation Front''s Central Council.

In June 2009 Mohsen Mirdamadi and Saeed Hajjarian were arrested during the aftermath of the 2009 presidential elections and subsequent protests.

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