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Khordadgan is one of ancient Iranian Festivities. It is one of 12 monthly Iranian Feasts and one of Persian fire festivals.Besides the third month of the Persian year, the sixth day of each ancient month is called Khordad. Because of some justifications in the Iranian Official Calendar, Khordadgan is on the fourth of the month of Khordad or May, 24th in Gregorian calendar.Khordadgan represents unity and perfection. It means salvation for humankind. Haurvatat in Avesta where the name Khordad is driven is the name of a female Amshasp (Angel) protecting water and health. She's the guardian angel of rivers and seas.At a time like this when water pollution is a major concern threatening mother earth, it's a good occasion to reflect on the importance of Khordadgan.According to Persian Mythology, Mordad is another Amshasp that is related to water. Khordad and Mordad as a pair are protectors of water and plants fighting their opponents are daemons of thirst and hunger. It is somehow a divine and poetical representation of natural phenomena like wind, cloud, and rain that were essential to Iranian peoples mostly dealing with agriculture.Lilium is the flower symbol of Khordadgan. In particular, White Lilium (candidum) and Lilium lederbourii which grow in Northern Iran are known to have the legendary "scent of friendship" in ancient Pahlavi texts.Iranians traditionally celebrate Khordadgan near springs, rivers, or lakes. Besides usual treats and drinks, people performed special rituals and prayers. Getting in water and cleaning the body was part of the Khordadgan Celebrations. After that, a new dress is worn and sometimes girls tied colorful ribbons to their wrists.

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