Iran–Uzbekistan relations

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Iran-Uzbekistan relations IranUzbekistan

Iran–Uzbekistan relations refers to the diplomatic relations between the two Middle-eastern countries, Uzbekistan and Iran, which have deep cultural and historical ties between them.


Iran is an Islamic theocracy, while Uzbekistan is a secular dictatorship. The two nations have been apprehensive on their difference of politics, but still have been active in improving their relations.


Iran and Uzbekistan have agreements between themselves to cooperate in various fields including, agriculture, transport, oil and gas production, construction, pharmaceuticals and banking. The two nations have also worked on overland links and other joint ventures.

Uzbekistan exports many commodities to Iran including cotton, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fertilizers and chemical fibers. Iran exports construction materials, detergents, foods, tea and fruits to Uzbekistan. The Iranian-Uzbekistan trade turnover exceeded $600 million in 2008.

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