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(Wikipedia) - List of diplomatic missions of Russia   (Redirected from Russian Consulate) Russian diplomatic missions

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Russia. These missions are subordinate to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Russian Federation has one of the largest networks of embassies and consulates of any country. Russia has significant interests in Eastern Europe, the Near East and especially in the former states of the Soviet Union. It also has extensive ties to countries in the developing world, a legacy of Cold War diplomatic efforts to extend its influence in Asia and Africa which are now more important for commercial reasons.

Russia established several consulates in the United States and Canada to cater to Russian immigrants. In 1917, the Tsarist government vanished. Consuls in seven U.S. cities and three Canadian cities maintained tsarist loyalties and received financing from the U.S. government. The consuls stopped their services in the late 1920s; the U.S. government seized the records of the consulates. The seizure started a long dispute. The National Archives and Records Administration received the documents in 1949. In 1980 the U.S. government loaned the documents of the Canadian consulates to the Library and Archives Canada. On 31 January 1990 the U.S. returned the documents to the Soviet Union and kept the microfilms as evidence.

After 1992, due to financial reasons, embassies in Maseru (Lesotho), Niamey (Niger), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), and Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) were closed. In 1995, the embassy in Paramaribo (Suriname), also suspended operations.

Since Georgia and Russia severed diplomatic relations in 2008, the Swiss embassy hosts a Russian interests section in Georgia.

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  • 2 North America
  • 3 South America
  • 4 Africa
  • 5 Asia
  • 6 Oceania
  • 7 Multilateral organisations
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EuropeEmbassy of Russia in BelgradeEmbassy of Russia in BerlinEmbassy of Russia in BudapestEmbassy of Russia in ChişinăuEmbassy of Russia in CopenhagenEmbassy of Russia in HelsinkiEmbassy of Russia in KievEmbassy of Russia in LisbonEmbassy of Russia in LondonEmbassy of Russia in MadridEmbassy of Russia in PragueEmbassy of Russia in StockholmEmbassy of Russia in SukhumiEmbassy of Russia in TallinnEmbassy of Russia in TiranaEmbassy of Russia in VilniusEmbassy of Russia in WarsawEmbassy of Russia in Yerevan
  •  Abkhazia
  •  Albania
    • Tirana (Embassy)
  •  Austria
    • Vienna (Embassy)
    • Salzburg (Consulate General)
  •  Belarus
    • Minsk (Embassy)
    • Brest (Consulate General)
  •  Belgium
    • Brussels (Embassy)
    • Antwerp (Consulate General)
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Sarajevo (Embassy)
  •  Bulgaria
    • Sofia (Embassy)
    • Rousse (Consulate General)
    • Varna (Consulate General)
  •  Croatia
  •  Cyprus
    • Nicosia (Embassy)
  •  Czech Republic
    • Prague (Embassy)
    • Brno (Consulate General)
    • Karlovy Vary (Consulate General)
  •  Denmark
  •  Estonia
    • Tallinn (Embassy)
    • Narva (Consulate General)
    • Tartu (Consular Department)
  •  Finland
    • Helsinki (Embassy)
    • Mariehamn (Consulate)
    • Turku (Consulate General)
  •  France
    • Paris (Embassy)
    • Marseille (Consulate General)
    • Strasbourg (Consulate General)
  •  Georgia
    • Tbilisi (No diplomatic relations - Embassy of Switzerland in Tbilisi (Russian Interests Section))
  •  Germany
    • Berlin (Embassy)
    • Bonn (Consulate General)
    • Frankfurt (Consulate General)
    • Hamburg (Consulate General)
    • Leipzig (Consulate General)
    • Munich (Consulate General)
  •  Greece
    • Athens (Embassy)
    • Thessaloniki (Consulate General)
  •  Hungary
    • Budapest (Embassy)
    • Debrecen (Consulate General)
  •  Iceland
    • Reykjavík (Embassy)
  •  Ireland
    • Dublin (Embassy)
  •  Italy
    • Rome (Embassy)
    • Genoa (Consulate General)
    • Milan (Consulate General)
    • Palermo (Consulate General)
  •  Latvia
    • Riga (Embassy)
    • Liepāja (Consulate General)
    • Daugavpils (Consulate General)
  •  Lithuania
    • Vilnius (Embassy)
    • Klaipėda (Consulate General)
  •  Luxembourg
    • Luxembourg (Embassy)
  •  Macedonia
    • Skopje (Embassy)
    • Bitola (Consulate-General)
  •  Malta
    • Valletta (Embassy)
  •  Moldova
    • Chişinău (Embassy)
  •  Montenegro
    • Podgorica (Embassy)
  •  Netherlands
  •  Norway
    • Oslo (Embassy)
    • Barentsburg (Consulate General)
    • Kirkenes (Consulate General)
  •  Poland
    • Warsaw (Embassy)
    • Gdańsk (Consulate General)
    • Kraków (Consulate General)
    • Poznań (Consulate General)
  •  Portugal
  •  Romania
    • Bucharest (Embassy)
    • Constanţa (Consulate General)
  •  Serbia
    • Belgrade (Embassy)
    • Pristina (Liaison Office)
  •  Slovakia
    • Bratislava (Embassy)
  •  Slovenia
    • Ljubljana (Embassy)
  •  South Ossetia
    • Tskhinvali (Embassy)
  •  Spain
  •  Sweden
    • Stockholm (Embassy)
    • Gothenburg (Consulate General)
  •   Switzerland
    • Bern (Embassy)
    • Geneva (Consulate General)
  •  Ukraine
    • Kiev (Embassy)
    • Kharkiv (Consulate General)
    • Lviv (Consulate General)
    • Odessa (Consulate General)
    • Simferopol (Consulate General)
  •  United Kingdom
    • London (Embassy)
    • Edinburgh (Consulate General)
  •   Vatican City (The Holy See)
    • Rome (Embassy)
North AmericaEmbassy of Russia in HavanaEmbassy of Russia in OttawaEmbassy of Russia in Washington DCConsulate General of Russia in MontrealConsulate General of Russia in New York CityConsulate General of Russia in San Francisco
  •  Canada
    • Ottawa (Embassy)
    • Montreal (Consulate General)
    • Toronto (Consulate General)
  •  Costa Rica
    • San José (Embassy)
  •  Cuba
    • Havana (Embassy)
    • Santiago de Cuba (Consulate General)
  •  Guatemala
    • Guatemala City (Embassy)
  •  Jamaica
    • Kingston (Embassy)
  •  Mexico
    • Mexico City (Embassy)
  •  Nicaragua
    • Managua (Embassy)
  •  Panama
    • Panama City (Embassy)
  •  United States
    • Washington D.C. (Embassy)
    • Houston (Consulate General)
    • New York (Consulate General)
    • San Francisco (Consulate General)
    • Seattle (Consulate General)
South America AfricaEmbassy of Russia in AsmaraRussian Embassy, Dar es SalaamEmbassy of Russia in Lusaka AsiaEmbassy of Russia in Kabul, AfghanistanRussian Consulate-General in IstanbulEmbassy of Russia in SingaporeConsulate General of Russia in DanangRussian Consulate-General in Hakodate.Consulate General of Russia in SapporoConsulate General of Russia in ShanghaiConsulate General of Russia in Ho Chi Minh City OceaniaEmbassy of Russia in CanberraConsulate General of Russia in SydneyEmbassy of Russia in Wellington Multilateral organisations
  • Bangkok (Permanent Mission to the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
  • Brussels (Permanent Mission to the European Union)
  • Geneva (Permanent Mission to international organizations)
  • Minsk (Permanent Mission to the Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • New York City (Permanent Mission to the United Nations)
  • Paris (Permanent Mission to UNESCO)
  • Strasbourg (Permanent Mission to the Council of Europe)
  • The Hague (Permanent Mission to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)
  • Vienna (Permanent Mission to international organizations)

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