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Salaam (also spelled salam) (Arabic: سلام‎ salām, "peace") may refer to:

  • Salām, the word for "peace" in Arabic, often used as a greeting, see S-L-M for an overview and As-salamu alaykum for the Muslim greeting
  • As-Salām, one of the Names of God in Islam
  • Salaam, the name given to the salute that is accompanied by the greeting.
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People Surname
  • Waleed Al-Salam, mathematician
  • Ephraim Salaam, American football player
  • Rashaan Salaam, American football player
  • Abdus Salam (name)
  • Florin Salam, Romanian manele singer
  • Kawther Salam, Palestinian journalist
  • Mohammed Ahmed Salam, Yemeni prisoner
  • Mullah Salam, Afghan military personnel
  • Nawaf Salam, Lebanese diplomat, academic, jurist
  • Saeb Salam, Lebanese politician, former prime Minister
Given name
  • Salaam bin Said Al Shaksy, Chief executive
  • Salaam Remi, American hip hop record producer
Places Media Films
  • Salaam Bombay!, a Hindi-language film on street children in Mumbai
  • Salaam Dunk, an American documentary
  • Salaam Namaste, a Bollywood musical romantic comedy
  • Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute to Love, a Bollywood romantic drama
  • Say Salaam India, a Hindi-language film on cricket in India
  • "Salaam" (song), a popular Israeli folk and peace song
  • Salaam (album), an album by the British singer/songwriter, Sami Yusuf
  • Salam (album), an album by the Pakistani-Canadian singer, Irfan Makki
  • Salaam TV, an independent satellite television channel
  • Zee Salaam, an Indian Hindi-Urdu Language Islamic TV Channel by Zee Network.
  • Salaam Bank, a commercial bank headquartered in Bosaso, Somalia
  • Salaam Somali Bank, a commercial bank headquartered in Mogadishu, Somalia
Other uses
  • Lal Salam, a salute, greeting or code word used by communists in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Operation Salaam, a 1942 World War II covert Abwehr operation in North Africa led by László Almásy

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