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Public company
Agricultural Machinery
Tabriz 1968
Tabriz, Iran

Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company also known as ITMCO, is a tractor manufacturing company with main site and headquarters in Tabriz.

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History and development

Based on an agreement that was reached in 1966 between Iran and Romania to establish a tractor manufacturing company in Iran, the company was created in Tabriz in 1968. The first goal of the company was to manufacture 10,000 units tractors of 45-65 horsepower engines with single and double differential gearboxes. In 1976 Massey Ferguson started to assemble tractors in the company with the rate of 13000 units for each year. At the moment the production capacity has been increased up to 30000 units for each year. On 1987 the factory started to increase its foundry capacity to be able to produce casting products for different industries. Nowadays it has the largest foundry capacity among middle east. In 1990s The factory started to produce small trucks and vans behind its main products.


Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company has qualified for ISO 9001, and has also received rewards regarding quality and exporting.

Export markets

Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company is currently exporting 13 different products to ten countries.

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