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A city in Gilan province (Wikipedia) - Shaft
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Shaft may refer to:

  • 1 Long narrow passages
  • 2 Long narrow rigid bodies
  • 3 Fiction
  • 4 Music
  • 5 Places
  • 6 Other
Long narrow passages
  • Elevator shaft
  • Ventilation shaft, vertical passages used in mines and tunnels to move fresh air underground, and to remove stale air
  • Shaft (civil engineering), an underground vertical or inclined passageway
  • Pitch (ascent/descent), a significant underground vertical space in caving terminology
  • Shaft mining, refers to the method of excavating a vertical or near-vertical tunnel from the top down, where there is initially no access to the bottom
  • Shafting, illicit travelling through shafts
Long narrow rigid bodies
  • The body of a column, or the column itself
  • Axle, a shaft around which one or more wheels rotate
  • Drive shaft, a shaft for transferring torque
  • Handle (grip) of hand-tools
  • Line shaft, a power transmission system
  • Shaft (golf), the long, tapered tube which connects the golfer’s hands to the club head
  • Staff (stick), various applications
  • Shaft (novel) by Ernest Tidyman about an African-American private detective
    • Shaft (1971 film), a film based on the novel
    • Shaft''s Big Score, the second film in the trilogy
    • Shaft in Africa, the third film in the trilogy
    • Shaft (2000 film), a follow on of the 1971 film, released in 2000
      • Shaft (2000 soundtrack), the soundtrack to the 2000 action film, Shaft
    • Shaft (TV series), a series of TV movies
    • John Shaft, the title character of the above films
  • Shaft (Castlevania), the dark priest from the Castlevania video game series
  • Shaft (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics ninja character
  • Shaft (comics), a comic book character created by Rob Liefeld for his comic Youngblood
  • Down (film), a 2001 horror film also known as The Shaft
  • Shaft (rave), a UK dance music act which had a 1991 hit with "Roobarb and Custard" sampling vintage children''s television programme Roobarb
  • Shaft (British band), a dance music act which had a 1999 hit with a cover/remix of "(Mucho Mambo) Sway"
  • Shaft (New Zealand band), a New Zealand indie band
  • Shaft (club), a blues and jazz club in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Shaft (album), the soundtrack for the film of the same name, recorded by Isaac Hayes
    • "Theme from Shaft," performed by Isaac Hayes
  • Shaft (Bernard Purdie album), a 1971 jazz album featuring a cover of the above track
Places Other
  • Shaft (company), a Japanese animation studio
  • Penis shaft, a part of the penis.
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