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Shane may refer to:

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  • Shane (name), masculine given name
(includes a list of people with this name)
  • Shane or Shana (given name), variant spelling of the Yiddish feminine given name "Shayna"
  • Shane (pornographic actress) (born 1969), American pornographic actress
  • Shane (UK TV series), 2004 sitcom written by and starring Frank Skinner
  • Works related to Jack Schaefer:
    • Shane (novel), Western novel written by Schaefer in 1949
    • Shane (film), 1953 movie based on the book
    • Shane (TV series), 1966 television series starring David Carradine
  • The Shanes, a Swedish rock band
  • Ask Shane, a web series
  • Shane English School, an English conversation school in Japan
  • Shane Company, a jewelry store

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