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(Wikipedia) - Operation Iran (OpIran) is an ongoing Freedom Operation run by members of the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. eration Iran (OpIran) is an ongoing operation run by members of the collective known as Anonymous. Operation Iran has been known by this name for most of its existence. The main actions take place on OpIran.com and AnonymousIran.comThe establishment of OpIran parallels the foundation of the Iranian Green Movement in 2009, which sprang from the Iranian Election Protests of that year but has earlier roots within Anonymous via the website iran.whyweprotest.net. As a Freedom Operation, OpIran maintains the specific goal of working with the Iranian people until they are satisfied with the political state of their country. Therefore this Operation, unlike other Anonymous operations, is ongoing.Working with Iranian protestors, partisans, expatriates and associates, OpIran develops a calendar and timetable for protest support. The forms of support vary from action to action, but generally consist of the following: "White fax" and "Black fax" campaigns, where helpful information and supportive messages are sent to protest supporters or public locations, such as field First-aid guides translated into Persian and sent to universities and libraries. "Black faxes" are called such since they are sent as white text on a black background, warning the recipient to not arrest those who seek freedom of speech, to harm those who take to the streets, and to side with their fellow Iranians in protest. Other forms of support may include helping to distribute Anonymous or other groups (Telecomix, PLF) information for Internet access, access to Google's Speak To Tweet service, anonymity software availability and support, and political disruption/riot survival information.Hacktivism done by participants of OpIran vary widely but may include: e-mail bombing, service disruption, false flagging, web defacement and various forms of denial-of-service protest. It is important to note that any denial-of-service protesting done is strictly voluntary - OpIran does employ some so-called "bot-nets" that make use of compromised machines.OpIran is also very careful to not make attacks that would interfere with the internet access of the Iranian people. In many cases, denial of service to particular regime website will be announced through social media such as Twitter, and conducted for a particular length of time. After which, an additional message will be sent out confirming the "release" of the website, as well as a short message to the regime or in support of the Iranian people. This minimizes the amount of traffic within Iran's domain, while still communicating the message of the protesters.OpIran also uses Tor Bridges to help the Iranian people connect to the internet without censorship. As of February 9, 2012, the Iranian government was able to shut down existing bridges by blocking all encrypted Internet traffic. A few days later, Tor project released a program that makes encrypted traffic from Tor Bridges appear to be regular traffic, reestablishing communication between OpIran members from outside or within Iran.There are certain participants that have been present consistently over time. Members of OpIran tend to stay within OpIran or Freedom Ops in general, being more interested in human rights than the higher-level legal miscellany of other ops. Some have even offered that they cannot understand how people could be so concerned with material rights of citizens when others in the world live as they do. "We deal more at the base of Maslow's Hierarchy than say something like OpGoya or OpSony, for one thing."F

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