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لار تعریف

(Wikipedia) - Laar For other uses, see Laar (disambiguation). Laar Country State District Municipal assoc. Government  • Mayor Area  • Total Elevation Population (2013-12-31)  • Total  • Density Time zone Postal codes Dialling codes Vehicle registration
Location of Laar within Grafschaft Bentheim district 
Coordinates: 52°37′00″N 06°43′59″E / 52.61667°N 6.73306°E / 52.61667; 6.73306Coordinates: 52°37′00″N 06°43′59″E / 52.61667°N 6.73306°E / 52.61667; 6.73306
Lower Saxony
Grafschaft Bentheim
Jan Hindrik Zwaferink (CDU)
51.01 km2 (19.70 sq mi)
9 m (30 ft)
42/km2 (110/sq mi)

Laar is a community in the district of Grafschaft Bentheim in Lower Saxony. The community’s name comes from the Old Dutch for “glade in the woods”.

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Geography Location

Laar lies northwest of Nordhorn on the German-Dutch border. It belongs to the Joint Community (Samtgemeinde) of Emlichheim, whose administrative seat is in the like-named town. The Vechte runs through the community.

Neighbouring communities

The community of Laar borders in the south on the communities of Wielen and Wilsum, in the east on the community of Emlichheim, in the north on the Dutch community of Coevorden and in the west on the Dutch community of Hardenberg in Overijssel.

Constituent communities

The community of Laar consists of the six constituent centres (Ortsteile) of Agterhorn, Echteler, Eschebrügge, Heesterkante, Laar and Vorwald. Laar, being a geographically large state, has been known by its residents to contain miles upon miles of green land, much of which is used for farming by the locals. Little is known about Laar''s farming, other than the sheeken having me laar, yet locals do not feel it presents a burden to them.


Although Laar is a small village, it nonetheless has three church parishes: Evangelical-Reformed, Catholic and Evangelical-Old Reformed.

Politics Municipal council

Laar’s council is made up of 13 councillors.

  • CDU 10 seats
  • SPD 1 seat
  • gbf 2 seats

(as of municipal election on 10 September 2006)


The honorary mayor Jan Hindrik Zwaferink was elected at the municipal council’s constitutive meeting.

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