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(Wikipedia) - Larestani people   (Redirected from Lari people (Iran)) Larestani people (Khodmooni) Total population Regions with significant populations Languages Religion Related ethnic groups
c. 100,000 (2004), 500,000 (est. as of 2014)
Southern Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar
Lari language, Persian
Predominantly Sunni Islam Minority Shia Islam
Other Iranian peoples, Hola (ethnic group)

Larestani people or Lari people are a Persian ethnic group who inhabit primarily in southern Iran in a region historically known as Larestan. Significant numbers of Lari people also have migrated to Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and other Arab countries in the region.

The historical region of Larestan consists of several counties in Fars province (Larestan, Khonj, Gerash, Lamerd) and Bastak County in Hormozgan. In Bahrain, Sunni Bahrainis of Larestani ancestry are known as Hola.

Larestani people speak the Lari language. The Larestani people are of Persian descent, the majority of Larestani people are Sunni Muslims. 40% of Larestani people are Shia Muslims. In the thirteenth century, Lar briefly became a center of trade and commerce in southern Persia. Larestan was nearly always an obscure region, never becoming involved in the politics and conflicts of mainstream Persia.

Larestani people refer to themselves as "Khodmooni", a term literally meaning "part of ourselves" but figuratively used to refer to people from the historical region of Larestan.

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