Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani

محمدرضا عاملی تهرانی

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(Wikipedia) - Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani محمدرضا عاملی تهرانی Information Minister of IranPresident Personal details Born Died
Gholam-Reza Azhari
1927 Tehran, Iran
8 May 1979 Tehran

Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani was the information minister of Iran during shah''s regime and a co-founder of Pan-Iranist Party. He was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court, and subsequently executed on 8 May 1979.

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Early life and education

Ameli was born in 1927. He graduated from the University of Tehran''s Medical College. Then he completed his residency specializing in anesthesiology. He began working at the University’s Medical College faculty.

Political career and views

Ameli Tehrani started his political activities at age 14 and was a lifelong nationalist. He is considered the leading thinker of Iranian nationalism by most Iranian nationalists having authored several books and numerous articles on the subject.

The teachings of Ameli Tehrani shed new light on Iranian nationalism by emphasizing the unity of Iranians in one united sovereign nation with full respect and equality for all Iran’s ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. It is a cultural nationalism based on history and culture of the Iranian nation rather than any strict ideology. It is a nationalism that incorporates freedom, democratic values, and mutual respect in relations with other nations. Also, it is a nationalism that is preserving and defensive, not offensive and expansionist.

Ameli Tehrani also emphasized working closely with countries that share Iran’s heritage, culture, values and language in all areas of education such as establishing a common Language and Cultural Academy; student, professor and other educational exchange programs; and economic and commercial cooperation. And, at the same time having good relations with all countries based on mutual respect.

Personal life

Ameli Tehrani lived a very simple life in a rented apartment and drove an old Paykan. For luxury and materialism, he cared less than nothing. He had no wealth to leave behind and his wife and four children were left in absolute poverty.

Trial and execution

The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Tehran found Dr. Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani, as well as 20 other individuals, “corruptor on earth” and condemned him to death. These 21 persons were executed by a firing squad in Tehran on 8 May 1979.

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