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(Wikipedia) - Direct
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Direct may refer to:

  • Direct current, a direct flow of electricity
  • Direct examination, the in-trial questioning of a witness by the party who has called him or her to testify
  • Direct sum of modules, a construction in abstract algebra which combines several vector spaces
  • Direct (Vangelis album), 1988 album by Vangelis
  • Direct (EP), a 2002 EP by The 77s
  • Direct (Tower of Power album), 1981
  • DirectX, a proprietary dynamic media platform
  • Mars Direct, a proposal for a manned mission to Mars
  • DIRECT, a proposed space shuttle-derived launch vehicle
  • Direct access (disambiguation), a method of accessing data in a database
  • Direct connect (disambiguation), various methods of telecommunications and computer networking
  • Direct memory access, access to memory by hardware subsystems independently of the CPU
  • Directed set, in order theory
  • Direct limit of (pre), sheaves

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