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ملیجک تعریف

In some rural dialects, it means sparrow.A servant of Naseroddin Shah, who later became one of his many wives, and got the title Amin Aghdas with excitement in presence of the king, did not remember the Persian word for sparrow (Gonjishk) and exclaimed her native word Maljak. The Shah likes the word and names her brother Amin Khaghan; Malijak.Later, her nephew earns the title Malijak too. Malijak 2 as a child became the favorite of Naseroddin Shah and got the title Azizossoltan (darling of the Shah) after a mysterious incident.It’s been narrated that the Shah was sick in bed and Malijak 2 was just an infant playing with his kitty named Babri inside the next room in Golestan Palace. Babri escaped from him and entered the Shah’s bedroom, and the child naturally followed the cat. When he saw the Shah sleeping, not knowing who he really was asked Naseroddin Shah why he was sleeping in the middle of the day and told him that sleeping too much was not good. At this time Amin Aghdas entered the room and told the Shah that the kid was a Saint Seyyed and maybe there was a divine reason behind the kid’s words. Naseroddin Shah got up and as soon as he walked a couple of steps, the roof with the chandelier collapsed right where he was sleeping and in this manner Malijak 2 became Azizossoltan. Shah loved him to the extent that he granted Malijak the rank of an army Major at the age of 5!

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