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The front cover of a contemporary Iranian biometric passport.
Iranian citizenship
Five years

Iranian passports are issued to nationals of Iran for the purpose of international travel. The passport serves as a proof of Iranian citizenship. The Iranian passports are burgundy, with Iranian Coat of Arms emblazoned on the top of the front cover.

The words "جمهوری اسلامی ایران" (Persian) meaning Islamic Republic of Iran and "گذرنامه" meaning passport are inscribed below the coat of arms. Iran started issuing diplomatic and service biometric passports in July, 2007. Ordinary biometric passports began to be issued on February 20, 2011. These passports contain 40 pages.

On the inside of the back-cover, Iranian passports bear the inscription: "The holder of this passport is not entitled to travel to occupied Palestine", referring to Israel.

In the past, prior to the 1979 Revolution, the passports were different and had the inscription ''Empire of Iran'', as shown below. The passports also had translations into French.

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Visa Requirements

To view the relevant Visa requirements and/or travel restrictions placed on Iranian passport holders, please view Visa requirements for Iranian citizens.

Gallery of historic images
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  • Empire Passport Cover.

  • Empire Passport - ''Rules to be observed by passport bearer'' (French language).

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  • Nonbiometric Iranian Passport (Pre-2011)

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